Latest News and new Builds

Every wondered what that orange Lego tool thingy is for?

What is that orange brick thingy, you've seen it in the videos when I make mistakes (which happens aaaaaalll the time) but what is it exactly? Well, here is how I use it to save my fingernails, my teeth and to stop me from throwing Lego against the wall in frustration. A simple tool, but very very useful!

Lego Friends Cupcake Cafe is absolutely delicious!

The Lego Friends Heartlake Cupcake Café Set 41119 is deliciously adorable! There are cupcakes and frosting everywhere, and the espresso machine is red and fancy-looking so that means it will make the best cappuccinos in Heartlake City! The cupcake window display is neatly designed to spin and show off all the yummy goodies to passers-by. The set comes with Stephanie and Naomi, who I've decided is the Cupcake Cafe's owner, and a cat that defies health and food safety rules by prancing about in the food preparation areas and generally making a nuisance of itself 😉. But that's okay because it's Lego! 

New Disney Palace Pets line from Lego - Beginning 2016

New to the Lego line this season are Disney Princess Palace Pets - little tiny miniature minifigures of the Princesses adorable pets. This one is Pumpkin, the snowy little puppy that was given to Cinderella as an anniversary gift from Prince Charming. Pumpkin gets her own carriage that matches Cinderella's, it's simply adorable. My daughter Millie builds this one and gets a bit frisky with some cute but naughty puppy play. 

Lego Friends Heartlake Supermarket 41108 - New release beginning 2016

The Lego Friends can now go grocery shopping at the Heartlake Supermarket 41108,  a new release for 2016. Mia can fly around in the shopping trolley and get everything she needs for her weekly shop, and when she's finished, Daniel will checkout all her goodies for her. She can even get chocolate and cookies for treats! It's a fully stocked modern grocery store, with old-fashioned service!

Magformers Miracle Brain Set meets UniKitty

I love building things and playing with structure, and I looooooooove magnets, I mean looooooooooooooooooooove them. It's like magic how they just click together (or science, whatever) and to be able to build things with magnetic tiles, well, that's just the best thing ever. So our family now owns a massive set of Magformers - the Miracle Brain Set - which has 258 pieces and an infinite number of things that can be built with it. Amongst other exciting pieces, there are remote controlled wheels, a crane, light boxes and ferris wheel components. The first structure to be built on video was requested by my daughter Millie, who wanted a vehicle designed for her Beanie Boo Unicorn (who she insists is a unikitty named Cutie, and who am I to argue?). So of course we got to try out the remote control car pieces and then I might have driven it off the edge of the desk. Oops. But the good news is, Cutie was not harmed, nor were the Magformers. There will be more Magformer videos in the future, many weird and wonderful pieces that our family creates together, so stay tuned….

Frozen Fever’s newest Lego incarnation - Disney Princess Arendelle Celebration Castle new release for 2016

The Lego Disney Princess line now has two Frozen castles - Elsa's Sparkling Ice Castle and Anna's Arendelle Castle Celebration - Winter and Spring, a castle each, one themed for Frozen and one for Frozen Fever. 

This new release for 2016, Arendelle Castle Celebration 41068 is based around Anna's birthday celebrations in Frozen Fever, I really really like this castle - the colours are pastel and pretty and the overall feel is playful and fun. Plus there are snowgies. SNOWGIES! Do you remember, every time Elsa sneezed the snowgies appeared? Well, we can have heaps of fun with these Lego ones, they get up to so much mischief. Plus there are cakes and balloons and ice sculptures and presents - everything the perfect birthday party needs! It’s a fun build, check out the video and let me know what you think!

Lego Friends Livi’s Pop Star House Build and Review - New Release January 2016

The sets that I love the most from Lego Friends so far are the houses - they're like little dollhouses to play in! 

The newest release for January 2016 Lego Friends is Livi's Pop Star House 41135, and it's a super modern build with heaps of glass and gold - just right for a popstar! The set comes with minidolls Livi, Andrea, Cookie the dog and a fabulous glass swimming pool. There are also lots of cooking features because it certainly seems that Livi loves to cook - there are cupcakes and sushi and icecreams and mocktails and so many more delicious things. There's an uber modern dressing room cupboard with places to put all the important things like Livi's rollerskates, shoes and skirts. And you must check out the fireplace, it's a bit fancy too.

 The design features are becoming more and more clever with each new Lego Friends release - a lot of the floors and furniture are easily put in and out of place to allow access to all the areas. 

To see it all in detail, check out my speed build - I make the dull bits go fast and slow down to show off all the fabulous detail! Check it out and let me know what you think!