Magformers Miracle Brain Set meets UniKitty

I love building things and playing with structure, and I looooooooove magnets, I mean looooooooooooooooooooove them. It's like magic how they just click together (or science, whatever) and to be able to build things with magnetic tiles, well, that's just the best thing ever. So our family now owns a massive set of Magformers - the Miracle Brain Set - which has 258 pieces and an infinite number of things that can be built with it. Amongst other exciting pieces, there are remote controlled wheels, a crane, light boxes and ferris wheel components. The first structure to be built on video was requested by my daughter Millie, who wanted a vehicle designed for her Beanie Boo Unicorn (who she insists is a unikitty named Cutie, and who am I to argue?). So of course we got to try out the remote control car pieces and then I might have driven it off the edge of the desk. Oops. But the good news is, Cutie was not harmed, nor were the Magformers. There will be more Magformer videos in the future, many weird and wonderful pieces that our family creates together, so stay tuned….